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Making the Most of Your Event

Here are some tips for your next party or event:


  • Start Planning Early: Great planning is key to a successful event. Decide on your budget and make a timeline checklist. Example: Create a checklist that is divided into sections for items that need to get done – 6 weeks out, 5 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.
  • Choose Guests and Food Wisely:  You are on your own with selecting your guests, but fortunately we can help with the food and ambiance!! Let us take some of the stress from your planning. We can provide your guests with great food as well as beautiful ambiance with our elegant table settings.
  • Get Creative: One idea is you can buy some Polaroid cameras and leave them around for people to take pictures during your event… it is a way you can capture memories from different perspectives & angles.
  • Seating Arrangements Matter: Use place cards for dinners. To keep conversation lively, seat each guest between someone they know and someone they should know.
  • Don't forget the Dessert: Everyone loves a treat. Make it seasonal and fun.
  • Most Importantly:  Have Fun! You can’t expect your guests to have a good time if you aren’t. Your job as the host is to make people feel comfortable and welcome. If you do that, your guests will have a great time, and your event will be a memorable experience.